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General Information about aluminium plates

Aluminium plates differ to sheets in that they are heavier and sturdier.

Like all aluminium products, aluminium plates are coated with an oxide layer. Once the oxide is exposed to surrounding elements a protective anti-corrosive layer on the materials surface is formed. Due to this process aluminium plates have a particularly long lifecycle and require very little, to no maintenance.

It is for the above reasons that aluminium plates are applied in a range of heavy-duty industries including ship building.

Aluminium plates like other steel products are 100% recyclable, making them a sustainable, environmentally friendly choice.

How are Aluminium plates manufactured?

The manufacturing process of aluminium plates is in essence similar to that of aluminium sheets. When manufacturing aluminium plates, large ingots are passed through a mill which shapes the raw material, forming thick, heavy plates. Subsequently hot and cold rolling processes can be applied turning the aluminium plates into comparably thinner sheets. Once the rolling of plates or sheets is completed, the material is trimmed at the sides to be left with a uniform product.

Which industries utilise Aluminium plates in their manufacture?

Due to their durable, thicker nature aluminium plates are particularly good for heavy-duty applications and hence frequently utilized in ship building, aerospace, military or other forms of transport.