Foiling metal sheets

Foiling metal sheets at Klockner Metals Austria

We quickly and reliably foil metal sheets with protective, laser or thermoforming film according to your wishes using our fully automatic wrapping machine. We can also apply your favourite special film on request. We also remove layers of paper fully automatically.

We offer the right type of film for your application, whether protective, laser or thermoforming film - we protect your sheet metal from surface damage!

Aluminium, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals - there are no limits for foiling metal sheets.

Foiling metal sheets with protective film

Protects your material from scratches and contamination

The rubber-based adhesive is pressure-sensitive and offers medium adhesive strength

An ideal product for aluminium, stainless steel, coated metals and non-ferrous metals

Foiling metal sheets with laser foil

For use with laser cutting techniques, both with CO2 and fibre lasers

Residue-free removal after processing when used correctly

Precise, burr-free and soot-free cuts with reliable, increased adhesion

Especially suitable for structured metal surfaces

Foiling metal sheets with thermoforming sheet

Optimum protection during thermoforming and mechanical processing (edging, punching, forming, etc.)

The high-performance adhesive minimises film detachment during the production process

High-quality film offers you the best processing options



Protection against scratches, impacts and mechanical damage

UV resistance of the film

Moisture resistance

Recyclable films


Our service includes the foiling of sheet metal in formats up to 2000x4000 mm. We offer the option of foiling both one-sided and double-sided sheets in thicknesses from 0.5 to 12 mm.

We use a variety of film types, including protective, laser and thermoforming films, and can also provide customized films according to your specific requirements.

In addition, we offer an automatic process for removing intermediate paper layers to guarantee you efficient and fast further processing.