Profile cutting

Profile cuts at Klockner Metals Austria

Whether profiles or bars made to measure: At Kloeckner Metals, you can order a wide variety of profile blanks online.

Kloeckner Metals possibilities

We offer precise cuttings for solid materials, tubes and profiles in a wide range of materials from easy to difficult to machine. Our production enables us to machine a wide variety of workpieces with high precision and efficiency to meet your requirements in a wide range of industries.

Advantages of profile cuts at a glance:

Our machinery guarantees short delivery times while maintaining high quality standards.

Excellent surface quality: Workpieces can be fed into the subsequent process without extensive post-processing

High output: High sawing speeds

Short offcut lengths: Through the use of special grippers

Gentle material handling: Damage to the material surface is avoided thanks to the special design of the transport systems

Special features of profile cuts

Profile cuts in individual to series production

Smallest cut-off length: 10 mm

Smallest dimension to be sawn: 10x10 mm

Cutting tolerance of only +/- 0.5 mm