Surface Finish

What is surface finish?

You have the choice between powder coating or anodising.

Powder coating is a process in which powdered colours or paints are applied to the metal. Once all impurities have been removed from the metal, an electrically charged cloud of powder is created using electrostatic guns. The charged powder particles adhere to the surface and form the powder coating layer. After curing, the material can be further processed. Powder coating can be implemented with different colours.

When anodising aluminium, the easy oxidisability of the material is exploited and the oxide layer is strengthened using a direct current/sulphuric acid process. After subsequent compaction, the oxide layer has an extremely high hardness, is decorative and can be coloured before compaction.

Advantages of surface finish:

High mechanical resistance

Decorative appearance thanks to powder coating or anodising

Wide range of colours and various surface textures

Environmentally friendly and solvent-free surface finish


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